Ketobodz Keto weight loss pills 2020

Ketobodz Ketowith eating and with food Omar got into fitness done and he was following like Christian guzmán and if he's found Nicki Blackadder and that's like when I was introduced to the world of weightlifting I was like oh my god there's all of these girls who just looks so amazing and they were talking about eating more instead of you and getting stronger instead of trying to get smaller and that was crazy to me like I was like this is just a whole new world it was so exciting I started reading simply tryna calm they all had tons of like free workout programs which I still do I always get questions of people asking like if I can't pay for a coach or if I can't buy this you know challenge or whatever like those are such good resources they have tons and tons of free programs on there that you could use with all the reps all the sets all the days right not for you all the exercises those are great and that's how I got into weightlifting


Ketobodz Ketoreally obsessed with exercise at that point and I was still doing like my hour of cardio but it was just so exhausting all the time like I literally had to force myself to do it and I felt like I needed a different role different fitness routine a different something in order to just like try and focus on something else rather than the weight loss because I knew that that was the root of all evil for me personally like that was the cause of my issues I started watching YouTube videos of people who were lifting I was watching Nicki at that point I was like obsessed I was such a fangirl I still absolutely love her to death and it's like crazy to me that we're like friends now in real life I was so inspired by all these people and slowly I started to you know lower the amount of cardio that I was doing I was so intimidated the first time and then I went to the gym you guys like to the weightlifting section I literally cried I bawled my eyes out in the bathroom I came back